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The social media terminology you need to know

June 23, 2022

The saying goes that one client can recommend you to two friends… a social media post shared by your clients can reach hundreds, if not thousands.

Here we share industry tips on setting yourself up for social success…


The process of following metrics on your social media performance and using that data to improve your strategy.

Watching your engagement rate over time to see if your posts are becoming more or less compelling to your followers is one way of using social analytics.


In general, an algorithm is a defined set of rules used to solve a problem. In social media terminology, it is the set of rules a social network uses to automatically decide which posts come first in your feed.


Your audience on social media is the group of people you’re able to reach with your content. This includes all your followers, plus anyone who sees or interacts with your posts in their feed.


Brand awareness is the level of familiarity consumers have with your brand. It’s often considered one of the main goals of social media marketing.


Impressions are a social media metric that measures how many times your post has been shown in users’ feeds.

Unlike with reach, you may count multiple impressions for a single user if they have looked at your post more than once. Each social network counts impressions differently.


Engagement rate is a social media metric that tells you how much a post is motivating people to interact with it.

Typically, a higher engagement rate means your post was more compelling (or at least more likely to provoke a response).

Engagement rate is difficult to compare across social networks, as what counts as an “engagement” and what counts as “seeing your post” is different on each network.


Reach is a social media metric that tells you how many people have seen your post. It differs from impressions in that even if a user sees your post multiple times, they still only count as one person reached.

Reach is an important metric for understanding how large the audience for your content is and measuring your progress toward spreading brand awareness.


Newsjacking is the technique of hopping on current events with your social media content.

Social media managers often engage in newsjacking to seem timely and relevant while gaining exposure by tying their content to key hashtags and conversations around the latest news.


Traffic is the number of users who visit a given website or page. In a social media context, increasing traffic is a common objective companies who want to drive their audience to a website outside of the social network.



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