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Spending a day with Sally Brooks and Marlon Hawkins | What the F.A.M.E Team did next…

April 07, 2022

The F.A.M.E Team spend an incredible day with three-times British Hairdresser of the Year Sally Brooks and Brooks & Brooks Artistic Director Marlon Hawkins this month. 

Held at the Brooks & Brooks salon in central London, Sally and Marlon shared their experiences and knowledge with the team on preparing for a photo shoot, creating the concept and mood boards and lots of advice for creating a look in front of a camera.

Jessica Hau from Rush Hair Wimbldeon said about the day: “I loved having such an intimate setting to chat and exchange ideas with Sally and Marlon. It was real fun to build on ideas and get to understand the thought process in building shoots and shows. Both Sally and Marlon were so open to share the thought behind their collections as well as the funny stories. It’s a day I will remember.”

Darrel Starkey from Taylor’s Hair Studio, added: “Finding our team voice was a key thing I took away from the day with Sally and Marlon. The personal experience that we were given to really sink our teeth into really came at the right time with our first photo shoot as a team and presentation at the President’s Night coming up. Sally has a way at just getting you excited about everything. This was definitely a highlight of my time in the F.A.M.E Team so far.”

Lydia Wolfe from Jack & The Wolfe commented: “Sally and Marlon had such a relaxed approach to inspiring us. They took us on creative journeys sharing the processes behind some of their best-known shows and collections and used their knowledge to coach us to build out-of-the-box ideas for our creative and presentation work. I always love learning more about how Sally’s mind works – she truly is an innovator but most of all I love her generosity and willingness to share, grow and mentor. You can tell Marlon is the same – so keen to share his experience. Sally really helped us find our ‘voice’ as F.A.M.E Team 2022 and I really feel like I know the whole team even better today.”

Alex Cook from Wispers Hair & Beauty Salon added: “Sally is just the best and Marlon was so supportive! We talked a lot about our photo shoot and the show we are presenting at President’s Night and Sally and Marlon were amazing at sharing their experiences and knowledge with us. It was invaluable and one of my favourite days.”

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