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Scrummi Takes a Stand: “Black Friday is Bullsh**t”

November 24, 2023

Scrummi, the B-Corp certified salon towel brand, is making waves with its latest campaign that challenges the consumer frenzy surrounding Black Friday. With a resounding message, “Black Friday is bullsh**t,” the company is taking a stand against the environmental repercussions of this retail phenomenon.

Scrummi’s commitment to sustainability is at the core of its brand identity, with products designed to reduce the environmental footprint of the hair and beauty industry. The company’s campaign aims to raise awareness about the environmental cost of Black Friday and underscore their dedication to reducing this impact.

The Black Friday frenzy has become synonymous with overconsumption and unnecessary purchases, leading to a surge in greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation. Scrummi’s campaign highlights that Black Friday is poised to generate an additional 429,000 metric tonnes of CO2 from product deliveries alone.

In a bold move, Scrummi urges consumers and partners to rethink their participation in Black Friday and its adverse effects on the planet. Instead, the company proposes a responsible alternative: embracing eco-conscious choices and reducing our environmental impact.

Robert Cooper, Managing Director at Scrummi shared, At Scrummi, we don’t believe in Black Friday. Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact on the hair and beauty industry, not encourage overconsumption and unnecessary purchases. Let us help you reduce your environmental impact, not add to the destruction of the planet.”

The campaign encourages customers and partners to join Scrummi in making thoughtful and sustainable choices for their hair and beauty needs. By saying “no” to Black Friday and embracing a greener approach, we can collectively make a difference.

For more information about Scrummi and its commitment to sustainability, visit https://scrummi.com