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Let’s look at the basics of social media | Top Tips for using Facebook

July 07, 2022

While you undoubtedly already have your social media accounts set up across the various platforms available, there are a few things to think about to really be getting it right. Here we take a look at the basics.

“Whether you have two salons or ten salons, the social set up you choose could determine how successful your online presence is. Think about what you want your social channels to achieve and how they serve your brand. At Haringtons we have a central marketing function and so it makes sense for us to also have central social channels that share work from across the brand, relevant industry news, group wide offers, trends and initiatives. In addition to this, our salons can also choose to have their own social channels, and this serves as a look book for services, team news and localised offers.

Our central social channels play a significant role in sign posting customers to our website where we want to promote initiatives and disseminate information. It also supports our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensuring that we are prominent and easy to find through Google searches, therefore increasing our brand awareness.

Our salon accounts are important because this content is tailored to a specific area and community. Local salons can use their social channels to carefully market any gaps in columns, promote new starters, promote recent good reviews on Google or to specifically allow clients to ‘meet the team’ via bios or behind the scenes profiles.

It’s really a two-pronged approach to a social set up that ensures our brand is supported while also delivering relevant content to clients.”

– Nikki Neale, Head of Brand and Marketing, Haringtons

“The way I view my social media presence is almost like a virtual portfolio. Instagram is my go-to and often I get new guests with hair inspiration photos from my own Instagram and also my existing clients love seeing all my videos and creations. Also, just like when we look for reviews, clients often look for a visual confirmation, being visible has for sure helped navigate through the pandemic.”

Aline Knee, Simi Hair 

“Social media is a difficult world to navigate. In order to make your platforms a success, you need to be authentic. Whilst that may sound easy and overly simplistic, it really is the way to succeed. My content is made up mostly of sneak peeks of my work and my world. Whether that’s from behind the scenes at the BAFTA’s or on set at a magazine shoot, I try to bring my followers into what I am doing to create that relationship with them.”

– Jay Birmingham, Celebrity Hairstylist

Simon Townley’s top tips for using Facebook:

1. Whatever type of hairdresser you want to be, show this on social media. If you love vivid colouring, men’s hair or precision cutting, the work you put out will be the work you get back from your social media audience.

2. Tag your clients, followers around the world and brands who you love on all your posts and hope they share it.

3. Don’t get deflated if you don’t get likes or comments, just go for it.

4. Be part of a community, you don’t have to do it alone!


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