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Jim Shaw | FIVE Men’s Hair Hacks Your Clients Need to Know

July 21, 2020

During your appointment with your male clients it’s so important that you take some time at the end of the appointment to chat to your client about hair products to suit their new style, alternative ways they can wear their new style and information on how they can keep their hair looking its best until their next appointment.

Below are my top five hacks you can mention to clients when giving them advice during the appointment…

1. it’s always important to talk to your clients about hair products and to try and upsell these during the appointment if possible. As well as recommending products for hair styling such as waxes, pomades and texturizing sprays, it’s also incredibly important to recommend pre-styling products to your clients.

This includes heat protection sprays, mousses and texturising sprays that can be used on the hair when it’s damp prior to blow-drying and before completing the look with a finishing product. These pre-styling products really help develop the style and give more impact to the finished look.

2. Chat to your client about hair washing. Just like women, men should not wash their hair every day as it can strip the natural oils from their hair and can take away its softness and shine.

Recommend your client only washes their hair 3 times per week maximum if possible. Their hair will eventually get used to this and will look a lot healthier in the long run.

3. Always inform your client that less is more when it comes to hair products. Using too much hair product can result in the hair looking too wet/greasy or weighed down.

The best finish is when the hair looks natural and little to no product has been used. Always advise client’s to start with small amounts of product and build up where necessary.

4. For men with frizzy hair, there are a couple of things you can recommend.

Two of my favourite hacks for men with frizzy hair is to use the cool setting on the hairdryer to smooth the cuticle down and give the hair a smooth finish and also, using conditioner when hair washing or a light hair mask once a week. Conditioner and hair treatments help to tackle frizz and keep the hair looking soft and shiny.

5. For clients who like to change their hair up and give it a different look now and then, I love to recommend for then to change their hair parting. If the client regularly has a middle parting, recommend them to try switching this to a side parting once in a while, which will give them an instant new look with added volume and height.

For those with a side parting, switching to a middle parting is a great way to give them a more defined look that really makes a statement.