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Bite into Beauty: Superfood-Inspired Hair Hues

November 10, 2023

As the winter months set in, everyone knows it’s important to maintain a healthy diet. Whilst nutrient-rich superfoods are sure to strengthen the immune system, why not go one step further and boost your client’s mood with a bold new hair colour too? Inspiring us to be more adventurous with our hair during the colder, darker months, the team at the Neil Moodie Studio have created five unique colours based on superfoods…

“In recent years, hair colours have taken on bolder tones”, said Neil Moodie. “However, the team at my salon in Spitalfields sought to craft truly distinctive shades. The initial inspiration stemmed from an old interview in which Annie Lennox revealed her use of carrot juice to give her hair a vibrant orange hue during the 1980s. This concept prompted them to explore the spectrum of colours inspired by superfoods. As the team brainstormed, they each shared their favourite colours and the sources of their inspiration.”

To achieve the bespoke shades – Blueberry, Avocado, Turmeric, Goji Berry and Red Cabbage – all colours were applied to lighter-based hair using the Pulp Riot colour range. This line is powered by quinoa oil and nourishing vegan protein to strengthen and repair the hair fibres.

Bite into Beauty: Superfood-Inspired Hair Hues 7

Eddie Parker, Creative Colourist & Stylist: “Blueberry colours are pretty unconventional when it comes to hair. The pigment that gives blueberries their distinctive colour is anthocyanin, its uniqueness can be inspiring to those who seek a distinctive and eye-catching look”

Bite into Beauty: Superfood-Inspired Hair Hues 6

Hannah Button, Creative Colourist & Stylist: “Avocado colours draw inspiration from nature. The colours can range from pale pastels to deeper greens, offering versatility, customisation and creativity in hair colour.”

Bite into Beauty: Superfood-Inspired Hair Hues 8

Cat Hindle, Creative Director: “The warm, red tones of goji berries give a sense of warmth and energy. For me, they inspire feelings of vitality and passion.”

Bite into Beauty: Superfood-Inspired Hair Hues 9

Luke Tyrell, Creative Art Director & Colourist: “The warm and sunny tones of turmeric can evoke the feelings of positivity, happiness and a cheerful disposition. An inspiration for those who want their hair to reflect their upbeat personality.”

Bite into Beauty: Superfood-Inspired Hair Hues 10

Cat Hindle, Creative Director: “The vibrant red, purple and blue tones found in red cabbage can reflect a desire for individuality, a connection to nature and an appreciation for the artistic and unconventional aspects of beauty.”

Hair: Neil Moodie Studio team – Brixton, Valentina, Hannah, Francesca, Eddie, Cat, Luke
Art Director: Neil Moodie
Photography: Jorge Arango Kure

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