Mermaid Waves with Upgrade

You will need


Upgrade New wave

Section Clips

Tail comb


Texture Spray

Step 1

Start on freshly washed blow-dried hair (the hair should be 100% dry).

Step 2

Choose the heat setting for your hair type – 160° for fine, 180° for medium, 200° for coarse texture. Temperature can be adjusted from 130° to 220° depending on thickness and porosity of the hair.

Step 3

Split the hair into four quarters and clip each section away. Starting at the back of the hair, take a 1 to 2 cm deep section (a thinner section will create a stronger wave).

Step 4

  Once the waver has heated to desired temperature, comb through the hair ensuring there are no knots of tangles, as these will create frizz.

Open the waver fully and place the hair inside and clamp between plates and leave for approximately 10 seconds. We recommend taking a test strand to determine the strength of wave desired.

Step 5

Repeat along the length of the hair ensuring you place the wave after the last indent for a seamless blend.

Step 6

Repeat on each section of the hair.

Step 7

Finish by shaking the waves out and finishing with a texture spray for the ultimate beach effect.