Glossy Knot

Your client’s hair is walking advertising for your salon. So rather than letting them leave with a complicated style that looks amazing but won’t last, show them styles they can recreate at home to keep them coming back and bringing their friends with them.


You will need


Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer

Cloud Nine Original, Wide or Touch Irons

Round Brush

Tail comb

Sectioning Clips




Cloud Nine Magical Potion

Cloud Nine Amplify Spray

Cloud Nine Shine Spray

Step 1
Spritz your client’s hair with Magical Potion and Amplify Spray then using the Airshot, blow dry the hair smooth using a round brush   The Magical Potion can be sprayed liberally on towel-dried hair as it’s a lightweight leave in conditioner. The product has a number of protecting and caring benefits which include; reducing the blow-dry time by up to 50%, UV filter, heat protector, detangles and prevents frizz & flyways.
Step 2
Section the hair into small sections using a tail comb and crocodile clips.   Coach the client - Remind your client that these don’t need to be neat, just enough to easily straighten each section like they would at home.
Step 3
Using the Original, Wide or Touch Irons run through each section to create a high shine finish. Continue this until all the hair has been straightened.   Let your client know that when using the Irons they will automatically switch on at 150 degrees. With Cloud Nine’s flexible temperature control setting options this allows you to choose what temperature you want to set your irons at, so you can be kinder to your clients hair and so can they at home.
Step 4
Using an elastic, tie the hair into a low pony.
Step 5
Cover the top part of the hair in a Shine Spray to create a wet look and use your Airshot to flatten any fly-away hairs.
Step 6
Separate the pony tail into 2 and create a 5 x strand braid on each section   Remind your client not to worry too much about each braid being neat and symmetrical because these will be teased out and randomly pinned in place with grips.
Step 7
Tease out each braid with your fingertips then secure in place using grips.

Cloud Nine