Vintage Curls by Cos Sakkas

“70’s curls, model Ari Westphal and model of the moment Thais Borges all influenced this look. The idea was inspired by a technique called the Frenchie, a vintage style from the TONI&GUY archives. It was a beautiful pixie shape, which was worked in different variations around the 80s and 90s, starting around the time of our 1982 In Focus Look Book.”

Cos Sakkas, International Artistic Director and Head of Education for TONI&GUY

You will need

Hair Products

label.m Curl Cream

label.m Fashion Edition Wax Spray

Accessories and Tools


label.m Large Cutting Comb

label.m Tourmaline Hairdresser

label.m Magic Diffuser

Step 1
Starting at the back, a vertical section is taken elevated 90 degrees to over-direct and cut square (with a slight increase in length as the nape is reached).
Step 2
A vertical guide is taken from the back panel to act as a guideline. The guide is over-directed to continue square through the side. Vertical sections are continued forward, constantly cross checking the guide with the shape.
Step 3
Progressing to the opposite side, the guideline is now over-directed to the side panel and the fingers reversed to control the squareness of the shape.
Step 4
At the top, horizontal sections are taken and the hair is elevated 90 degrees to over-direct. Twist-cut to complement the curl.
Step 5
Re-establishing the side panel, the hair is combed to natural fall, held at one finger’s depth and cut square to encourage strength through the perimeter.
Step 6
label.m Curl Cream is worked through the hair before diffuse-drying to activate the product and encourage the curls.