Pro Hair Awards | FAQs

March 01, 2024

FAQs for the Pro Hair Awards 2024:

Can I enter the Awards if I am based outside of the UK?

No, the Pro Hair Awards are exclusively open to hairdressers and businesses based within the UK.


Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, you may enter as many categories as you like within our 12 regular categories. For the Social Six, however, only one category may be entered.


What format should my additional video be in?

Please make sure your video content is saved as an MP4 file. All file sizes must be under 1GB.


Is there a specific standard of filming that you require?

No – your additional video can be filmed with anything from an iPhone to a professional videographer, as long as it accurately and creatively portrays your body of work.


Where can I find an example for my application?

We encourage all applications to be as creative as possible, therefore we have chosen not to include an exemplary submission. We would like each entry to be wholly unique to the entrant – simply explain to us why you are the best in your category.


Do all the images submitted have to be brand new?

No, it is important to us that this application process is affordable. We do not expect a newly-shot collection of images, we would like a recap of your recent work. The application may include any form of client work or collection images taken from January 2023 onwards.


Can two salons from the same salon group enter the Professional Group Salon of the Year award ?

Yes, if you belong to/ are a franchisee of a salon group with MORE than three salons, you can enter this award. It does not matter if other salons in your group have already entered.


Can I enter the Professional Freelance Hairdresser of the Year category as a chair renter?

No, you must not be affiliated to any particular salon or co-working space in order to enter this award.



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