Wella Professionals ColorMotion+

With ColorMotion+ clients don’t have to choose between colour protection or hair strength. Regular use of the new line up improves the quality of coloured hair in three ways: by providing colour protection for up to 8 weeks, by creating vibrant shine, and by strengthening the hair structure.

The ColorMotion+ line up includes:

  • SCALP PROTECT: Pre-colour Scalp Protecting Lotion helps to protect the scalp from potential irritation. While modern hair colours are gentle to the scalp, many clients suffer from scalp irritation during the colour process. Quick and easy to use before colour application, Scalp Protect does not impact the colour development.
  • PRE-COLOUR TREATMENT: Structural Surface Enhancer enhances hair surface smoothness and shine and prepares hair for more even colour results. Often hair has uneven porosity that may cause visible unevenness in colour results. Excellent for highlighted or previously coloured hair, this Pre-Colour Treatment evens out the base.
  • SHAMPOO: Color Protection Shampoo removes the colour residues gently after colour service and helps lock in colour while preserving hair’s smoothness and shine. Wella’s best colour protection shampoo includes additional anti-oxidant helping to improve protection against free radicals. A clear consistency with luxurious foam leaves hair smooth and with vibrant shine.
  • CONDITIONER: Moisturizing Color Reflection Conditioner helps restore hair surface quality for radiant light reflection.
  • STRUCTURE+ MASK: Professional Restructuring Salon Treatment with WellaPlex bonding agent. Structure+ Mask is a multi-benefit intensive treatment that provides strengthened hair structure, lasting manageability and shine. With WellaPlex bonding agent that helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds. For stronger hair that is easy to manage
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