Urban Alchemy Opus Magnum Range

New salon-exclusive professional brand Urban Alchemy introduces its cleansing line ‘OPUS MAGNUM’ - the great work.

The first product three products in the line offer a deep-cleansing, exclusive in-salon service - OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse, the OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse and the OPUS MAGNUM hydrating & soothing conditioner.

The OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse is a 100% vegan powder that is combined with water in an application bottle to create a gel-like textured product that’s applied at the backwash. It’s left on the hair for a minimum of five minutes before being washed off.

What does it do?

The signature cleanse is a professional deep cleanse designed to:

  • Remove all silicone and mineral deposits, plastics and residues which accumulate through the use of haircare products.
  • Eliminate metal deposits such as copper, iron, limescale, calcium and magnesium caused by old water pipes or hard water as well as chlorine residues which dry out the hair.
  • Promote hair growth and strengthening of the hair structure through a high vitamin C content.

It can be used before colour treatments, as a stand-alone treatment for those with mineral build up damage and for those with silicone build-up damage.

The OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse is an at home natural salt-exfoliation cleanser that is applied like a shampoo before you shampoo. It’s a great at-home follow-up to the in-salon OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse treatment.

What does it do?

  • It frees the scalp from dead skin cells and excess sebum which can lead to the malnourishment of the hair roots.
  • Stimulates blood circulation for a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth .
  • Acts as a natural exfoliator, removing dead skin and sebum build-up.
  • Restores the scalps natural moisture with the help of argan and orange peel oils.
  • Relieves itching from residue following a chemical treatment in-salon .

Clients should use the OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse weekly as part of their regular haircare regime.

The OPUS MAGNUM hydrating & soothing conditioner is an at-home conditioner that cares for the hair with its unique ‘sea spa complex’ which contains sea salt, seaweed, alga and Irish moss, along with Vitamin B5.

It can be used daily as a conditioner, and can be paired up with the OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse which is designed to be used once a week as a natural salt-exfoliation cleanser.

The hair is optimally moisturised, knots and tangles are reduced and the hair is left soft and easy to comb.



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