TIGI Copyright Colour True Light Freestyle Blonder

Go lighter and brighter without compromise with the new TIGI Copyright Colour True Light Freestyle Blonder: specially designed for creative colourists with a passion for freehand techniques such as balayage, micro or baby lights.

TIGI Copyright Colour has developed a new innovative clay lightener empowering colourists to create lighter and brighter healthier blondes without compromise.

Formulated with clay and mineral oil, True Light Freestyle Blonder guarantees seamless applications, achieving up to seven levels of lift in only 40 minutes, for quicker and easier freehand painting services. It also features an Anti-Breakage Arginine Complex to preserve excellent hair condition during the lightening process.

The new lightener is also the perfect colour partner to TIGI Copyright Care SOS Extreme Recovery and Booster Treatments and when used as a system they offer the ultimate anti-breakage blonding solution for any client’s hair colour or type.

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