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You now MUST collect client information when they visit your salon – it’s compulsory!

September 18, 2020

From Friday 18 September, it will be mandatory for all hair salons, barbershops and beauty salons in England and Wales to collect customer information when attending their appointments! (We are awaiting information from Scotland and Northern Ireland to see if they will also be following this.)
You will need to log the customer’s name, contact details, date of appointment, time of arrival and time of departure.
In addition, on Thursday 24 September, the NHS Covid-19 app is being launched.
It will also be mandatory from this date, for all salons, barbershops and beauty salons in England and Wales to display their unique app ‘QR’ code on a poster positioned prominently in their front window or on the door. 
However, the business can choose to continue to take the customers information manually or via their computer booking system, or to use the app, but irrelevant of which you choose, the ‘QR” code/poster must be downloaded and visual to the customers to use if they so wish.
To access a QR code please log on to;
QR posters are unique to each venue – businesses can download posters for each of their premises if they have more than one in their Group. 
The customer does not have to download the app, they will simply scan the QR code with the camera on their phone when they arrive, and the app reads the code and checks them in.

By using this app, it will give the customer a digital diary of where they have been and when.