Featured Interview

Wise Words | Richard Darby of Mark Leeson, Hair Body & Mind.

May 28, 2020

Got to say that although we have had both our salons on lockdown since March – as chief administrator of Mark Leeson my life has not been smooth running.

I’ve got three words to say about my lockdown – ‘bring it on!’.   What a challenge us salon owners have been faced with – absolutely incredible! 

On top of this we are also judged for our creative impetus by the world at large!    

 I also feel that ones’ life – contributed to, greatly by zoom – has become nothing but a broadcast – gogglebox very much springs to mind.

On a more positive note,  however,  and my greatest and most happiest achievement in this time is to ensure that I became the owner of two glorious pups.   Having always waiting for the ‘right time’, it has been so the right time!

I always had a dog when I was younger but my busy life since hasn’t really found the room for one, let alone two, so to make that move has been remarkable.   This time has also made me reflect on our business;  our strategy;  our goals and our mindset.      

July 4th,  if it is to be the day we open – isn’t going to be easy but we are more than prepared so I’m not going to reflect on that.

What I am looking forward to with ‘great expectation’,   is the day that I can give each and every one of my friends and family a heartfelt hug for being there for me throughout the times when we I could have been there for them but was so pre-occupied with work, wasn’t.

Going forth it’s certainly at the top of my personal survival list to ensure that I make time and will be.