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Wise Words | From Mark Creed, Director of Idlewild Salon Group

May 27, 2020

Don’t be a Bootlegger!

“We have been inundated with requests for ‘boot-leg’ home visit haircuts: Texts, emails and even a postcard!  Obviously we’ve had social channels which have been alive with what feels like the days of US prohibition and the service we usually provide has come to feel like contraband!

 To date the team at Idlewild have declined every request, even the promise of a garden haircut, PPE and the one particular request of highlights undertaken with doors open,  scantily clad in swimwear!    With 40 odd days to go (at the very earliest), until hairdressing salons can throw open the doors and correct some of the home hair jobs that clearly haven’t gone to plan!

Thank heavens the majority of our clients haven’t gone down the furloughed haircut and colour route, and our most requested service are highlights – as they are tricky to perform from a DIY perspective.  All ages across the populous have made requests but the higher proportion is the short gamine cropped haircuts sported by women over the age of 60.  So often the Jamie Lee Curtis crop end up looking more like Kim Jong-Un!    Younger clients have requested cutting and colouring tuition both for themselves and family members over zoom – terrifyingly with clippers or pet trimmers at the ready!”