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June 01, 2020

Wow – who would ever of believed it?     Myself, fellow fashion stylists, session hairdressers, make up artists, photographers and all those glorious artisans that have been contributing to the day to day running of ‘The BC’ since ‘AD’ – are all at home, locked up and have been for something coming up to 3 months.

Every single date we had in our calendars for April, May and June (and beyond)  has either been erased, postponed or at worst cancelled.  This glorious band of merry makers all chose to ‘go it alone’ and join the freelance brigade, so many haven’t had to good fortune to be furloughed and have had to manage without any form of income throughout this time.

These ‘wise words’ were brought to mind when reading an Instagram post from the glorious Zoe Irwin – who had take time to think about the loyal band of session stylists assistants. Those with such a clear determination to succeed, haven’t got the secure nest of a salon to furlough fall back on.

I’m not here to champion about my fellow artisan’s income,  what I want to do is to  salute these wonderful talented individuals – who have chosen like me to fly alone – THE SELF EMPLOYED.   I can vouch for them all when I say we  are literally bursting at the seams to get back to work,  but sadly at the time of writing have simply no idea – when we will be able to.

 Bernard Connolly