Whats Going on

Wise Words | By Errol Douglas MBE

May 12, 2020

This enforced isolation period has given me the golden opportunity in which to recharge; re-evaluate; reassess and regroup.

And when we eventually can once again put the key in the door to our businesses, these thoughts and processes will fuel our renewed energies as we reboot; reignite and re-emerge.       

 It is not a time to rewind – it’s a time for us to all rebirth – it is going to be a new way of living and new way of loving what we do.

 What I have been learning from this intense lock down period is that it has been absolutely vital for us to stay connected.    Whether it’s by Zoom, WhatsApp, House Party, Facetime or general social media channels – it’s what us hairdressers thrive to do and simply excel at – creating connections.    

I honestly believe that in order to be connected, you have to be connected to your inner self, in doing so, we maintain a healthy mindset.

I am so grateful that I learned to meditate decades ago.   I always set aside time at the beginning of each day to meditate for varying times according to my personal needs.     

 A statement that I’ve come to love ‘when one wins, we all win’ is my ethos when daily I call each and every member of my beautiful family, my business partner, my clients and then my team.