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Win a UV Air Purifier Cube courtesy of Tungsram! | GIVEAWAY

August 26, 2021

Protect your employees and clients with the power of UV technology from Tungsram.

Tungsram have been kind enough to offer three Professional Hairdresser readers the chance to win a UV Air Purifier Cube!

This brand-new product is an essential purifier system based on the photocatalytic degradation of chemical pollutants and microbes, such as formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its Nano Ti02 coating of nickel mesh oxidises and decomposes organic substances into harmless products such as C02 and water, disinfecting and sanitising the air in areas of your salon.

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About Tungsram:

UV light technology is one of the most effective sanitation tools available today to destroy COVID-19 and all other viruses and bacteria. The technology is not new; companies such as the 125-year-old Tungsram Group have an almost century-old history with UV lighting. The brand has recently launched the UV Sanitizer series boasting two affordable, efficient and easy-to-use tools for your salon.


The first in the series, the Tungsram UV-C Sanitizer offers an environmentally friendly way to sanitise items handled frequently by you, your members of staff and your clients, reducing the risk of cross contamination in your salon. Using UV-C light, the Sanitizer eliminates pathogens on brushes, clips, scissors, towels and more in just five minutes. It’s also super-easy to operate, with no special training required.


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