Why refreshing your techniques and offerings will keep your customers coming back for more

December 30, 2019

Adam Gore, Founder and Director, Barberology, talks training and staying up to date on trends.

These days your clients expect more from their salon and barbershop than simply a cut, colour or style. Just as the fashion industry is always moving, hair is a fast paced industry with trends constantly changing, and innovative new techniques and products emerging all the time.

At Barberology we’re used to catering to a clientele that is trend-driven, so embracing new fashion, social media and celebrity trends, as well as new techniques, alongside incorporating new methods and products into our salon, is an integral part of our service.

But even salons or barbershops that cater to a more mainstream clientele can’t afford to rest on their laurels and not update their offerings regularly.

Regular and ongoing training with established, yet contemporary, education providers is key to ensuring your team is up-to-date in the latest skills, techniques and methodology.

Similarly, as manufacturers release innovative new products, your staff will need to be trained in using these products. Keep an eye out for training courses, seminars, and even webinars that will educate your team on the newest methods. Encourage your staff to keep an eye on changes in the industry and emerging hair trends, too.

Fashion week trend reports, social media – particularly Instagram and Pinterest – and celebrities are all good indicators of new trends that your clients may well be requesting soon.

Subscribe regularly to trade publications so your team can keep up-to-date with industry changes, new technologies and fresh products. It’s important that they take an interest, as well as become informed, so the next time a client comes in requesting a particular colour application they’ve spotted on Instagram, or asks about a new product, they can respond appropriately and satisfactorily – positioning you as trend led, client focused and one-step ahead of the rest.