Why Online Payments Are Useful for Salon Businesses

April 22, 2022

With most of us now using our phones for many day-to-day tasks and with business advertising now being really prominent across social media platforms and website apps; it is so important to maximise your online presence to it’s potential.

Not only that, by having an online platform for clients to book and pay for their services online, this further extends your salon opening times, as clients can make bookings at their own leisure, no matter what time it is and from anywhere that they are. So, whether this be the commute to work, or whilst they are on holiday, as long as your online booking platform is there, they can make a booking with you at any time! It’s like your very own 24-hour shop.

And with over 53.5 million people in the UK being smartphone users, this is a massive market opportunity to miss out on if you don’t have an online presence and booking platform. Smart phone usage has become such a routine part of most people’s days. Especially with how easy online banking methods are to use and how popular mobile booking apps are now, most people are turning to their online solutions to make appointments and manage payments. 

With most online booking apps now integrating seamlessly with the software system in the salon, online features secure instant bookings for the salon. Plus, if you activate online payments, these will then instantly deposit in to the salons company bank account – meaning direct sales for the business too. Most online booking platforms can also be branded up to match the salons’ theme, and advertising banners can be included too to improve brand awareness! So, this offers a smart solution whilst bringing extra promotion and profits for your business.

Many software apps also include client registration within the app, meaning that not only is online booking open all hours for existing customers, the salon is also open for new clients to register 24 hours a day too. Essentially meaning that salons can continue to increase their customer base outside of the salon opening hours – improving productivity and business growth whilst the salon doors are closed. Another benefit is that many salon terms and conditions can now also be agreed to online using an e-signature tool, saving further time and paperwork at the salon location itself!

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