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Why don’t you…keep your mind active?

April 03, 2020

Award-winning salon owners Gary Hooker & Michael Young share their ideas for keeping in touch and keeping busy during lock down.


  • Stay connected with your team – Facebook messenger group video calls are fantastic!

One thing we are all missing through this period of lockdown is each other. The simple things we take for granted, the daily chat in the staffroom, the laughs and the support we need from each other. Create a group chat and dial in for a video call a few times a week, let’s stay connected and keep each other sane.

  • Create a Facebook group for all of the team – it’s a good way of staying in touch and sharing any great ideas you have which could be really valuable when we get back to work.

Think tanks and brainstorming sessions are vital right now in planning your return to work. What do we need to prepare for? How will things have changed? How do we re-connect with our clients? There are literally loads of things that need discussion to make sure we get it right when the doors re-open.

  • Online tutorials are a great way to educate yourself – use your time to learn a new skill.

During this period of closure there are more online tutorials out there than ever. And it’s Free! Use your time at home to learn a new skill or polish up on a technique. Knowledge is power… don’t waste the opportunity.

  • You are part of an incredible industry! Online trade magazines will open your eyes to an amazing world!

The hairdressing industry is unique in what it offers. As well as giving you all the skills you need to have a fantastic career in your salon, there’s a whole other world out there. From photographic shoots to becoming an educator or winning an industry award, the sky is the limit and it’s all there for you.

  •  Give yourself a history lesson in the world of hair – research the greats who pioneered our wonderful craft.

How much do you know about the rich tapestry of this amazing industry that you work in? It will inspire you beyond belief. Research the icons that pioneered our craft and paved the way for hairdressers around the world to have the careers they have today. The world of hairdressing has an incredibly story to tell.

  • Plan your future. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Put it down on paper, start your journey and make it happen.

Use this time to reflect and plan for the future. No-one could have foreseen what was coming, but one thing is certain, it definitely gives you a different perspective on life and how we live it. It’s good to have direction, a plan and a sense of purpose. Set yourself goals, give yourself a timeframe of when you’d like to achieve it. If it’s a big goal break it down into easy to achieve steps. Putting things down on paper makes it real, more than a thought and something you will look at as a reminder. Get a journal to write in, date the pages so you can create a timeline. Your future belongs to you, make it count.