‘What It Takes To Be…’ A Great Salon Manager

September 22, 2022

How you lead your team and manage your business will be pivotal to its success.

Marcello Moccia, owner of the Room 97 Creative salon group in Leeds and Wakefield, gives his take on what it takes to be a great salon manager.

Create a brand that you can grow in the future

Remember, your salon is not just a business, it is a brand. Keep this in mind from the very start and choose a name for your salon that will make it easier for you to grow and develop your brand in the future. Personally, I believe it’s better not to name a salon after an individual; this way if your brand grows to encompass more than one salon, there is no pressure for the person whose name is above the door to be present in every location. Also, have a set of brand values in mind from the outset and ensure your team knows what these values are. Everyone needs to buy into the brand’s values and reflect them in the way they work and interact with clients.

Surround yourself with people who are as good or better than you

The big mistake a manager often makes is to feel they have to be the best at everything. Being a great manager is about building a team of people who all have good all-round skills but also people who a particularly great at one or more aspects of hairdressing. Never be afraid to admit and acknowledge that certain people on your team are as talented, or more talented than you! This is not a weakness, it is a strength and voicing the fact that you acknowledge someone’s superior skill in a particular area will act as a great motivator for them.

Invest in your people 

I’ll keep coming back to the importance of people because a salon business really is only as strong as its team and a great salon manager will always recognise this and ensure their team members are aware of the vital role they play. On-going education is one of the most effective ways to invest in your team and your business. Not only does it equip team members with the skills needed to fulfil and excel in their roles, it also makes them feel valued and important. A team that feels valued will work harder to make a salon business flourish.

Treat team members as individuals

Everyone is motivated differently, and a great salon manager will never take a one-size-fits-all approach. We hold regular one-to-one meetings with each team member to get a clear picture of what makes them tick and what they want and need to fulfil their potential. We also get a good idea of what kind of incentives will motivate them, be it extra time off, financial reward, or attending a course outside the salon. This is just another way of making each team member feel valued and will, again, lead to them being the best hair pro they can be and providing your clients with the best possible care.

Involve your team in decisions 

Obviously, as the boss, any final decision regarding the business is yours, but when it comes to making changes to the way the salon operates, involve the team in the decision-making process where possible. This will make them feel like part of the brand which in turn will make them want the business to succeed.

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