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What is the future of men’s hairdressing? | Jim Shaw

June 16, 2022

Jim Shaw of TONI&GUY Billericay looks into his creative crystal ball…

What is the future of men’s hairdressing? | Jim Shaw 1

The men’s hairdressing and barbering industry is booming with so many more barbershops opening, more interest in men’s hairdressing and a great deal of products launching in regards to men’s hair and male grooming. With that in mind it has many of us asking the question ‘what is the future of men’s hairdressing?’ Where is it going to go and what styles are going to take over from the classic men’s hairstyles we have seen in the past in the future…

Barbershop numbers have surged over recent years and this will continue as we head into the future, as men are becoming a lot more conscious of how they look and aware of the treatments that are available to them that can enhance their appearance.

However, men’s hairdressing will become more and more prominent too, with clients becoming more aware of the advanced skills men’s hairdressers have, becoming knowledgeable of their ability to master all areas of men’s hairdressing and create precise, clean hair looks and they will also be more inclined to visit men’s hairdressing salons in the know that they can go to the salon for a wide range of male grooming treatments including the likes of facials, manicures, pedicures and threading.

Clients will start to look for barbershops and men’s hairdressing salons that will provide them with a full experience and where they can go to completely unwind and that have an almost spa like feel that will allow them to enjoy multiple treatments under one roof, leaving feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

We will also see men’s haircuts change as we head into the future. Classic men’s hair looks that come back on trend year after year include quiffs, pompadours and slicked back styles.

We never thought we’d see this styles becoming old and outdated, but these styles are starting to be less requested in the salon and be replaced by more modern and quirky looks including fades and tapered cuts that can be tailored towards the individual and can be worn subtle or more disconnected, as well as looks with lots of internal texture and haircuts that feature incredibly clean lines and geometry in the form of shapes and lines. Hairstyles that are contemporary and futuristic.

But how can we prepare for the future of men’s hairdressing? By always being in the know. Constantly researching whether it be via social media, magazines or watching the latest runway shows, by talking to your clients and finding out what they want next and by market research – seeing what other men’s hairdressers/men’s hairdressing salons are offering and what treatments/services clients are now looking for in the salon.

A topic we have started to hear more about lately is the Metaverse, which has been deemed as a 3D model of the internet and a place that is parallel to the physical world. We don’t know for sure if this will happen and if clients will be able to at some point down the line change their haircut/hair colour in this virtual world more easily than real life. However, we should start to think about if this were to become a reality and how this could work to our advantage – allowing clients to have consultations on line instead of coming into the salon, changing their hair without the risk of damage and how it will allow us to have more interaction with our clients.

We should start to make steps to become more digital now. Social media and the digital world are constantly evolving and clients are always scrolling online. We need to use this to our advantage, to communicate with clients, show/tell them what we are doing and encourage them to visit us as their stylists/men’s hairdressers of choice.