Product Spotlights

Want to give your clients stronger, smoother healthier hair in under 30 minutes? Then take a look at Quick Fix.

August 18, 2022

Quick Fix from Fabriq is an in-salon protein treatment that achieves great results on all hair types.  Clients will be living their best hair life quickly and for longer, with healthy, shiny and easy-to-manage hair.  It takes under 30 minutes to apply and the results last up to a month.

There are two Quick Fix options depending on hair type:

ReHydrate – adds moisture without weight and is good for coarse, dry or damaged hair, as it will hydrate to just the right level to maximise the proteins, for a soft, silky finish.

ReBuild – creates semi-permanent strength by coating the outside with proteins whilst slightly penetrating it at the same time, for luxurious results on fine, thin or limp hair.

The unique blend of flexible, heat-activated proteins in Quick Fix reach maximum effect as they become completely dried in, retaining the shape of the hair while adding strength, hydration and shine.  Whether your clients want sleek and straight or want to embrace their natural curls and texture, this treatment will deliver.

For an intense boost of hair repair, Quick Fix + has greater power and takes slightly longer at 45 minutes.

“Fabriq offers a solution to clients who struggle to manage their unruly hair.  With Quick Fix, I’m able to transform hair to make it more manageable without compromising the health of the hair.– Nikita Fisher, Team Fabriq

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