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April 26, 2024

The Colour Visionary

Vivid and Vibrant | Colour Memo 4

Seung Ki Baek, Creative Colour Expert and RUSH Artistic Team Member

When it comes to creating collections and creative work, I love to use unique, out-of-the-ordinary colour inspiration and techniques. Whilst these looks are advanced and not necessarily seen as the ‘norm’, I think they will become concepts we will see more regularly in upcoming years, particularly with the advances of digital technology and AI. Allowing me to experiment and bring a new lease of life to my colour work, here are two of my latest colour concepts:

UV: With my 2020 Luminescent collection, it was all about the power of UV. I combined avant-garde styling in the form of intricate basket weaves and beautiful shapes reminiscent of deep-sea creatures with ultra-violet lighting. I then incorporated boldly placed colour to create a luminescent effect, defining the styling and enhancing the finished look.

Mixed Reality: In my latest colour collection, I wanted to showcase a mixed reality – a combination of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments where physical and digital objects co-exist. Through creating my colour placement via netting with spray colour, I was able to merge the physical and digital worlds to create a multi-sensory experience. Although this collection also uses UV, I wanted the UV colour to be more subtle than my 2020 Luminescent collection. I was aiming for a more natural and ‘real-life’ effect to display the mixed reality approach perfectly. Colour is unlocked in a new way and taken to a new dimension.


Vivid and Vibrant | Colour Memo 3

This look was part of the AW23 Essential Looks collection from Schwarzkopf Professional. ACID RIOT is all about creating a totally
bespoke, personalised look in collaboration with your client. This particular colour service, ACID RINSE, shows how to create hair colour that feels self-made; it’s about using both palette and placement to transform a colour with personality by combining bold and pastel tones. Here, I used finer slices when layering the tones to create a softer feeling. For a higher impact, however, you can keep your sections big and chunky.


Vivid and Vibrant | Colour Memo 2

Offering prolonged vibrancy and colour longevity, Fabriq has launched its latest product range, Safe. The new line includes the Safe Shampoo – with a fusion of African and Amazonian botanicals to defend against environmental challenges and lock in colour vibrancy, the Safe Conditioner – with Hydrolysed Vegetable and Soy Proteins for intense softness and strength, and the Safe Mask – with the enriching properties of Corn and Rapeseed Extract to maximise colour fastness. Find out more here


Vivid and Vibrant | Colour Memo 1

It’s time to embrace the brights as we move forward through spring and then onto summer. Festivals are very much on the mind of many clients, especially the younger generations, so this is the perfect time to start seeding in the brights trends!

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