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VISIT | Andrew Jose

September 21, 2023

Andrew Jose takes us on a tour as he celebrates 35 years on charlotte street, London.

How did you decide on the style of your salon interior? 

The style of the interior was really based on practicality and using every square inch to its best potential. I love a feeling of space, but at the same time we needed to maximise the square footage with the biggest number of positions. A desire to be open, airy, relaxed and free were the guiding principles when we planned the salon. Of course, we also wanted to use the very best of the natural light, which is here in abundance.

Where did you find the inspiration for your design?

The inspiration has evolved a lot over the years. We’ve been in this building for 28 years and you get to know what works and what doesn’t work, as wellas practical considerations like what’s behind the walls. It’s a constant evolution and each time you tweak, it’s with a goal to keep it contemporary, functional and beautiful. We are blessed with such a beautiful structure – it’s a 1930s building and the frontage is especially attractive because it’s situated on a corner. It has the original, dual aspect Streamline Moderne glazing, from which our clients can either enjoy watching the world go by or unwind in the more discrete seclusion of the lower ground floor.

Did you use an interior designer? 

Yes, we originally used an interior designer from Salon Ambience, then mixed it up with advice from Takara Belmont, who provided all the chairs. We’ve also had clients who are interior designers share their little tips and tricks over the years. When it comes to the soft furnishings and everything else, it’s whatever I find beautiful!

Describe the vibe created by your interior. 

The vibe of the salon is very calm. We want people to have a relaxing time and feel like they aren’t on a production line. They can come here to chill out or work –whatever they want to do without anyone talking over them.

What do you hope are your clients’ first impressions when they walk in? 

I hope the client’s first impression is one of professionalism, where they feel confident and comfortable; a feeling that they’ll get the very best from their hair.

Tell us, what are the key elements of your salon design?

First and foremost, it’s functionality. If you get that right, the rest will flow. Everything is designed with the smooth running of the salon in mind. It’s all about allowing the team to have the easiest journey possible, so they can offer the highest level of care.

Do you have any curated pieces or special features in the salon?

Really, it’s the street life. We’re so fortunate that the comings and goings of Charlotte Street outside isa stage. You can sit in quiet contemplation inside and watch the world go by through the full height windows. I would say that’s our greatest feature.

How have you embraced sustainability within the design?

Sustainability is probably one of our biggest challenges. We’ve done our best to hit a gold standard for our recycling within the business, but there are other challenges we’re still yet to meet. Taking responsibility for the colour we wash off, for instance; what goes down the sink is problematic and a real issue for the future.

What salon software do you use and what feature of it do you find most useful?

We use a company called Fresha. They’re a relatively new player in the industry, but they have all theelements we need as a business. I like that they’reproactive about pushing themselves – and thereforeour business – into consumer consciousness.

Did your product brand/colour house influence your style of interior design? 

Revlon is our choice of colour partner and, while theydidn’t affect the design of the salon at all, one thingthat influenced me about choosing them is theirability to make beautiful products that look nice in thesalon, so that’s kind of a win-win.

What salon furniture have you chosen and why? 

We used the Takara Belmont classic design, Adria II.The new backwash is simply superb and so comfortable, and the styling chair enables stylists to work around the client efficiently, being able to turn them in many directions.

Do you have a dress code/uniform for your team?

The apprentices all wear black, but within that they can be as creative as they like. For the rest of the team, smart casual is the is the only thing that I ask – and to be fashionable!

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