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Use this quiet time to your advantage, says Jamie Brooks

March 16, 2020

In the current Coronavirus crisis, salons are already noticing no shows and cancellations, as consumers feel uneasy travelling or being in close proximity to other people.

And while it’s a worrying time for salon owners, it’s also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of free time with your team and a chance to look at your policies and procedures. Jamie Brooks, co-owner at Brooks & Brooks, London, says while it’s a difficult time, it’s also a time for reflection and re-evaluation.

“Many of our older team members remember the 2008 recession, but for our younger members this is the first time they have experienced something like this. As we head into spring it’s usually a busy time in the salon, so if it’s quiet don’t panic; use the time to look at your team, your services and your products. We don’t know how long this pandemic is going to last so use this time wisely and your business could benefit in the long run.”

Jamie’s tips to using your free time wisely

1 It’s time to work smarter – you don’t have to open 9-5 every day; look at condensing your opening hours to accommodate the clients you have.

2 Be flexible – as an employer we need to be flexible with hours and holidays. Consider opening later or finishing earlier.

3 Consult with your team – ensure everyone is on the same deal, whether they have bigger expenses or live at home. Put together an agreement and discuss it with the team so everyone agrees to move forward in the same way.

4 Declutter the salon – it’s easy to accumulate lots of stuff you don’t use any more, so throw away out-of-date magazines, clean out lockers and drawers of old stationery and papers.

5 Get organised – Ask team members to take home any clothes or shoes that been left in the staffroom.

6 Rethink your products, services and menu – have a look at what you offer and what you don’t offer. It’s the perfect time to give your menu a spring refresh.

7 Re-evaluate your expenses – is there a better alternative to your refreshments? What magazines do you offer? Do you need to order fresh flowers every week?

8 Offer extra in-house training – take advantage of no clients and have a trend day, curl day or colour training session.

9 Be prepared to re-evaluate – as they take steps to close down public transport or cities, be prepared to re-evaluate your plans when and as needed.