Trendsetting Holiday Hairstyles, with Bea Carmichael

December 08, 2022

Aveda, the high-performance, vegan haircare brand, announces the launch of its new video series – Atelier by Aveda. With an aim of engaging artists and consumers alike, the digital magazine takes us around the globe to showcase new trends and offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into Aveda Artistry. The creative new series is available to watch via YouTube. 

Broken into five distinct sections, viewers gain insider access into some of the most exciting moments and talented artists that are currently working with Aveda. As explained by Global Brand President Barbara De Laere, the series also works to foreground Aveda’s continuous mission and dedication to environmental leadership.

With a particular section focused on creating holiday looks, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director in Styling, Bea Carmichael, shares her favourite festive styles on a variety of models with contrasting hair types. Cosying up inside a gorgeous Gina Conway salon, Bea demonstrates and integrates the Aveda x Phillip Lim scarf collection into one of the looks, sharing ways to style the exclusive collaboration piece. 

Take a look at Bea’s demonstrations below to learn what’s trending in festival hairstyling – and how to use the right combination of products and techniques to achieve these beautiful, seasonal looks.