Top tips to make the most of your backwash area

February 03, 2022

 Almost every client that comes through the doors spends time at your backwash – but are you doing everything you can do make the area work for your business? 

Matrix Artist Niamh Hayden says there are different ways to make money from the backwash area. “Your backwash is so important as part of your client’s journey and you should maximise it to your benefit. It should be a quiet, relaxed area, you should have all retail and treatments to use so you can then retail the products to the customer. A service menu or upgrade deluxe packages works well to get that extra profit from the backwash area. It’s easy to forget about how important the backwash is due to lack of training in the products, you feel like they don’t have the time to do it or feel like you’re being too pushy, but you need to rethink the backwash and it will pay dividends for your business.” 

 Niamh’s top six tips to making the backwash work for you

1. Have an option to upgrade your service to include a treatment or a take home product. Most clients will take advantage of your advice once they know about it.

2. Start with a friendly conversation in a professional way and focus on the client’s needs. Don’t be pushy but tell them what you are using and explain the benefits it has on their hair and scalp.

3. A soft, gentle head massage included with a treatment service will always tempt them to upgrade their service.

4. Always know your products, regular training with the team will ensure they are more comfortable to talk about them. Key points is know a feature, advantage and benefit for every product and then your client will be more interested once they know exactly what it will do for them. Give them the facts and they are more likely to purchase from you. 

5. Always remember being at the backwash is one of their favourite parts of their appointment so make it enjoyable and relaxing. They will remember this experience in the salon and be a returning client to you. 

Top tips to make the most of your backwash area