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Top Tips for Working in TV

August 24, 2022


A large part of my job now involves working backstage on the production of TV shows with various celebrity clients. When you’re starting out as a freelance hair stylist or you’re looking to pursue a career working with those in the public eye, this can be a daunting thought. I have learned lots during my career so far, here’s my top tips for working in TV. 

Be prepared – your kit is your key to success. You need to be prepared for any eventuality.  My top tip when travelling for work is to pack my kit before I go. That way when you arrive, you can just grab it and go. It also pays off to plan your looks beforehand too. This means you are confident you have everything you may need. 

Take care of yourself – working in TV can be demanding and tiring with the early call times and packed schedules. For me, this means I need to be organised the night before with my kit, my own clothes and everything I may need and definitely a healthy breakfast that I can take on the go. I usually prepare a breakfast in the evening or I will have a healthy shake or smoothie to ensure I am all set up for a good and busy day. This is my top tip for all freelance hairdressers – make sure you take care of yourself and your health even when you are super busy.

Put the health of the hair first – when you’re working on a TV show, sometimes you’re required to do two or even three looks and this can take it’s toll on their hair. If you find yourself in this position, try to avoid over using heat on the hair to try and preserve the health of the hair for your client. To help with this, I tend to lean towards a straight look that’s down for the first look and then move towards a wave or a curl or maybe half up, or a bun for example. This means that there is only a small amount of heat going on to the hair. 

Be professional – this is applicable across the board, whether you’re working on tv, red carpet glam or a photographic shoot. Make yourself an indispensable member of the team both for your clients and for the team you’re working with. Your reputation will go before you in this industry and it’s so important that you’re kind, professional and helpful when on set. 

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