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Top Tips for Thinking Outside the Box | NOCO Hair

April 28, 2021

By Noel Halligan and Corey Taylor of NOCO Hair, Bristol.

We’re all hoping and dreaming of busy salons when we re-open – but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take your eye off the ball. Thinking outside the box should happen regardless of how quiet or busy you are.

It’s easy to get bogged down on everyday issues, but we set ourselves 90-day goals and working towards what we expect to achieve at the beginning of the quarter. We align ourselves with that vision and constantly check in where we are and measure what we expect to achieve.

Another thing we do is set clear intentions at the beginning of every day. Never take on too much or wear too many hats at the same time. We are all playing a game and at times it can be challenging and not much fun. When it becomes too hard it’s time to take a break. But change your mindset and think of a challenge as fun; it will push you forward and take you places you might not have gone.

We think differently all the time, think – if this is how everyone else is doing it, how can we do it differently? You don’t want to become mundane, if you think the same as everyone else you’ll be the same and won’t stand out. Focus on your own results and what you want. You then become an innovator and people start following you.

Doing something different might be the last thing on your mind right now, but it’s the best time to do something! Noel has started meditating every day and having a clear mind means you can relax and take a moment – he gets his best ideas during this time!

1. Don’t see a box. As soon as you see a box you see restrictions – it makes you think there is a limited supply of ideas and there is not an unlimited supply.

2. Ask the universe to deliver what is rightly yours. If you change the word ‘need’ to ‘want’ then it becomes.

3. Money scares people and puts a serious aspect on to what is happening. It’s a good way to test and measure but can make change more daunting than it needs to be. So don’t get bogged down with the financials.

4. People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it. People will buy anything if they feel a connection to it and it will improve their lives. Will they feel better when they’ve come into contact with you? If they leave in the same state of mind as when they arrived, then we have failed.

5. Grow your knowledge and put that knowledge into action, then the money will grow at the same rate as you are growing as a person.

6. It’s OK if an idea isn’t new. You can take someone else’s idea and put your own twist on it and improve it so it takes you on a new journey.

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