Top tips for monochrome colouring

October 26, 2022

Halloween doesn’t have to mean pumpkin orange and vivid colours – take inspiration from Morticia Addams and Cruella de Ville and opt for monochrome styling instead. 

Black and white works so well together because it goes back to the old saying opposites attract and when you’re working with two completely opposite colours and combining them, it just creates something really cool and dynamic,” says Pulp Riot Artist Ewan Fraser (@the_nomad_hairstylist). “I look at black and white or black and grey a bit like Ying and Yang; when they come together, it creates balance even though they’re complete opposite.”

When working with monochrome colour, the most important thing is to make sure that your sections are really clean and pre-planned. “Think about where you are going to start painting then you can avoid darker pieces bleeding into the lighter pieces, it just keeps everything nice and tidy and easier to work with,” Ewan explains.

Ewan’s top tips for creating black and white colour for the Witching hour

1 Start painting the black first and cover it in foil to keep it separate. Then remove gloves and the towel which will have black on it and put on a clean pair of gloves and use a new towel.

2 Be careful of your timings – when working with such high contrasting colours it’s easy to make mistakes.

3 Halloween is a time for expression and a time when clients can be themselves and dress up how they want to. It’s an opportunity to be completely out there while staying authentic, which is what hairdressing is all about.

4 A fun and simple way to create Halloween hair is to use accessories, you can get some wicked stuff in the shops, or speak to a local artist or jeweller for bespoke pieces. You get something unique while helping and working with local businesses.  

5 Find the most epic Halloween playlist to play while you are working, it’s important to create a great vibe when you are doing Halloween hair!