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Top Tips for a Plastic Free July | Janene Hawkins-Bush

July 06, 2023

In light of Plastic Free July, Pro Hair sat down with Salon Owner Janene Hawkins-Bush to learn her top tips for reducing plastic in the salon.

As a global movement, Plastic Free July helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. Janene, who owns four salons in Suffolk, is on a mission to help the hair and beauty industry to become more sustainable.

She says, “My salons are as committed to sustainability as they are to style – offering high quality hair services while minimising our impact on the environment. Reducing our use of plastic is just one way that we approach this.”

Plastic Free Products

Our chosen product supplier is Davines. This is because the brand is plastic net zero. Not only does Davines use as little plastic as possible, which is recycled or biobased plastic, but they also partner with Plastic Bank to have plastic removed from the ocean. The brand also uses food and dishwasher-safe containers that can be reused.

Refill Station

Across all of our salons, we offer a refill service which gives clients 20% off for reusing an old bottle. To reduce plastic even further, we use paper bags so clients can carry their products home.


It’s simple but very impactful. We recycle every piece of rubbish to the correct bins to ensure it’s disposed of in the most sustainable way, reducing its impact on the planet. We also use biodegradable Scrummi towels that go to local pig farmers.


“Our in-salon refreshments are served on wooden or glass trays from recycled glass and FSC recycled wood. We use second-hand China and glasses sourced from local charity shops or people’s unwanted items – all stylish of course! Our refreshments are ethical, vegan and carefully selected from local suppliers, if possible – supporting local is key!

Janene adds: “We aim to educate our clients on the importance of sustainable beauty and inspire change within our industry. It’s about taking the burden off the environment, yet still offering our customers the same level of service they have always enjoyed. Our goal is to create a salon that benefits both our clients and the planet, leaving a positive impact on our community and beyond.”

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