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Tips and Tricks for winning on Instagram

January 11, 2019

We attended the first Wella Passionistas Social Series Live where we heard from a client partner at Facebook and the Wella Professionals team on what you can be doing to promote your salon on social media and how to use Instagram to its full potential. So, to share the wisdom with you, here’s the top tips we learnt for winning on Instagram.

  • Post regularly – once in a blue moon is definitely not enough. Take photos of your work and keep a stockpile of imagery ready to present to the world on a regular basis.
  • Feature your hands more – comb them through your freshly finished looks in videos, hold the hair in photos, it definitely grabs attention…especially if your nail colour matches the hair!
  • Boomerang, hyper lapse and slo-mo are your friends. These in-app extras add interest to your grid and stories.
  • Lighting the hair is key – if you don’t have access to natural light grab yourself a ring light. Lighting the hair properly will add a professional edge to any photo.
  • Include your formula – share the knowledge…or don’t, sometimes waiting for your followers to ask how you created a look and then telling them in the comments can create greater interaction.
  • Watch out for a heads up from Wella Professionals on up and coming hair trends.
  • Keep an eye on emerging trends on Instagram.
  • Try out other apps to help add some spark to your Instagram profile. Unfold (a story-telling, picture diary app), Over (adds modern text overlays to feed and story), A Design Kit (adds brush strokes and other creative extras) and A Color Story (grid planning) are the apps Wella recommends for giving your images that little bit extra.
  • Be you and add your twist. Your audience is unique, test and see what works for them. The people that do the best on Instagram are the ones that are the bravest.