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Three talented individuals make it through Trevor Sorbie Vardering programme

July 17, 2018

The talent that has graced the floors of the Trevor Sorbie salons is like a Hall of Fame of British hairdressing icons. Vivienne McKinder, Eugene Souliman, Angelo Seminara, Sally Brooks, Jamie Brooks, Antoinette Beenders, Artistic Director Tom Connell – all have been through the Trevor Sorbie Vardering programme.

An intensive six-week course, the programme is as tough as ever and those who’ve taken it know passing is a cause for celebration. Harry Wiffen, Tamara Honcharenko and Ronja Langhout have just completed and passed a month of Vardering, ending in a final test of skill and character.

During their training they have been taken through three haircuts a day in order to refine their work and the final test consists of a presentation of 11 models to founder and legend Trevor Sorbie and Artistic Director Tom Connell.

Tom says “This week is what Harry, Tamara and Ronja have been working towards; the final test. This is an extremely difficult process which is why we are delighted to have all three of them pass with flying colours. We are excited to watch them grow and develop into great hairdressers.”