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The Dangers of Sleeping in Party Styles

December 15, 2023

’Tis the season to party! Whilst now is certainly the time for glamming up our looks as we head out to annual get-togethers with colleagues, friends and family, it’s crucial we remember to de-glam at the end of the night too.

This week, we spoke to hair expert at Milk + Blush, Alice Dawkins, to learn the three potential dangers of sleeping in hairstyles this party season…


1. Hair Loss:

Whilst festive updos are a popular style that are likely to stay in for the duration of your night, keeping them in whilst you sleep could be incredibly damaging. Despite being low-maintenance, styles such as sleek ponytails are achieved by pulling tightly on hair follicles, which can increase tension over time and even result in traction alopecia.

Instead, if you have longer hair, I recommend sleeping in a loose braid or low ponytail to avoid placing any tension on your scalp. Remember to use a silk or satin scrunchie to protect the ends. Meanwhile, if you have any temporary hair extensions, it’s vital to remove them before bed – leaving extensions in overnight can cause them to tug on the roots of the hair, potentially leading to excessive fallout.

2. Scalp Damage or Irritation:

If you’re likely to take to the dancefloor, I recommend not only taking your hair out of its style before going to bed, but giving it a quick wash too. Your body naturally produces more sweat when you dance, this contains lactic acid that – particularly when mixed with the keratin in your hair – can block pores and result in damage or hair loss. Plus, if it’s not washed thoroughly afterward, a mixture of sweat and bacteria could cause scalp damage or irritation.

With this mind, it’s important to wash your hair thoroughly after every night out to rid your scalp of excess sweat, as well as adding a clarifying shampoo to your routine once a week to remove impurities.

3. Excess Tangles or Matting:

To ensure your hair stays in place all night, you’ll likely reach for products like hairspray, gel or wax. However, whilst these serve their purpose in the short-term, they can actually dry your locks out if left in overnight. Sleeping in these products could lead to waking up with tangles and matted hair, subsequently resulting in breakage.

I recommend brushing your hair out properly before going to sleep in order to rid it of any excess product. Plus, take any extensions out and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to keep them in tip-top condition. Hang them on a hair hanger or store them in a breathable bag to protect them from dust and dirt buildup and prevent frizzing.

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