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There’s More to Life than Length | Spectrum One Hair Extensions

August 03, 2023

Nine out of ten times, when you think ‘hair extensions’, you think ‘length’… however, behind the scenes of your favourite celebrity hair looks, you will often find hidden hair extensions used to enhance their styling – and, most of the time, it has nothing to do with extending their length! Spectrum One Hair Extensions are on hand to demonstrate three innovative ways to enhance hair using extensions that aren’t to do with length…

1. Colour Enhancement

There’s More to Life than Length 1

Hair extensions are a perfect way to add depth and dimension to colour without the use of harsh chemicals. Colouring hair of this length would take a lot of time, effort and excessive use of product if created without the help of extensions, not to mention the unnecessary damage to the hair.

This beautiful ‘brondie’ look was created using Spectrum One Nano I-Tips in its signature ‘brondie mix’ – this is made up of four packs of 20 inch Nano I-Tips in the shades Chestnut, Brunette, Hazel and Vanilla. This technique is also perfect for thinner hair types and for clients that love to wear their hair in various styles.

2. Thickness

There’s More to Life than Length 2

This is for clients who either want ‘ultra thickness’, or for clients with a finer hair type wanting to achieve what’s perceived as a ‘normal’ level of thickness. It’s also a great way to achieve consistent thickness from root to tip. It’s easy for most people to add volume and thickness at the roots using products and styling, but it’s virtually impossible to create extra volume right through to the ends without utilising extensions. Tapes are a particularly good option for this as they lay really flat at the root, making the fullness at the end look really natural.

This look was created using four packs of Spectrum One Hair Extensions Tapes in the shades Arctic Blonde, Bourbon, Bora Bora and Beach Blonde – the result is a gorgeous bespoke blonde that’s luscious and full in all the right places!

3. Short, Blunt Edges

There’s More to Life than Length 3

Did you know the majority of shorter styles and bobs that you see on the red carpet are refined using hair extensions? This will usually be in one of two ways – the first is their use throughout the whole look to add even volume to the ends of a short crop, allowing you to achieve an impactful blunt cut; the second is their use just at the front to frame the face, as this is where most of us have shorter pieces or unevenness. Extensions used in this way can ensure equal length and a bolder face frame.

This look was created using the Spectrum Once 16-inch Tapes in the shades Arctic Blonde and Bora Bora. They work to add subtle length and thickness to the shorter look, whilst also blending the white and grey with these bespoke shades.

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