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There’s a New Session Agency in Town | JM Agency

June 01, 2023

Using his years of experience in the session world to offer artists something new, session stylist Joe Mills has launched JM Agency.

With more than 20 years in the industry as a session stylist, hairstylist and celebrity groomer, Joe Mills is a well-known and respected name. But after seeing a gap in the market – and the way that the traditional agencies who represent hair, make-up, grooming, photography and fashion stylists operate – Joe decided it was time to disrupt the traditional business model and create something new with a completely fresh approach.

Joe has now officially launched his Joe Mills Agency, based at Woolf Kings X. Having worked on the project for the last nine months behind the scenes, he has brought together an amazingly talented and broad spectrum of creative artists and photographers.

Joe explains: “The whole approach to how we work is completely different to all other agencies; the artists are fully independent and responsible for their own diary and existing clients. This is unlike the traditional model, who would take complete control of that and take commission from all pre-existing and new work.”

“The background behind the agency idea was to help support, mentor and nurture existing and up-and-coming talent in this industry. By managing the rights and development of these artists, we wanted to make a fairer platform for the artist and their growth.”

Phase one of the launch saw more than 20 artists on the agency books, while phase two in the next three months will see many more well-known and up-and-coming names added to this roster.

Joe adds: “The future plans of the agency include bringing in a creative director from the media world to help support the growth of this brand, alongside looking at potential international offices in America and Europe.”

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