The Value Of Hair Extensions In Your Salon

May 26, 2021

Should you add hair extensions as a service in your salon? Absolutely! The potential increase in revenue for you is huge….but then we would say that wouldn’t we?

So take a look what Jamie Gartin-Belo, owner of Belo Hair Studio, in West Sussex has to say since he completed multiple courses with us…

“We have literally grown our clientele by 100% just by offering hair extensions and were just awarded Best Salon for Hair Extensions in ALL of Sussex by “The Salon Awards 2020”. I could not be happier with the training I received and how professional this process was. Highly Recommended!!!!!”

Jamie Gartin-Belo
Owner Of Belo Hair Studio

As a salon owner or manager, who doesn’t want a 100% increase in their clientele base? One of the best things about hair extension clients is that they provide a fantastic recurring income stream for you. Once somebody takes the plunge and has their first hair extension fitting they are hooked! In our experience they rarely go back to their ‘pre extensions’ look as the added volume, length and all round loveliness is incredibly addictive!

But hair extensions are such a length process right? The client is taking up a seat in the salon for so long….wrong. Like anything, hair extensions have moved on and the amount of available techniques now is wide ranging (we offer training in 7) and a proficient technician can fit a full head of a technique such as tape extensions in around one hour.

But what does this mean for your profits? Lets take a look at the potential profit for a full head fitting of tape hair extensions…

  • £300-£350 – cost to client for you to supply and fit the hair
  • £200 – approximate cost of the hair for you (exact cost depends on supplier you use)
  • Fitting time – 1 hour
  • Profit £100….for 1 hour of your time

If you are interested in adding this lucrative income stream to YOUR salon, we would love to help. We have nearly 15 years experience in teaching salons and individual stylists, we currently have over 4000 enrolled students, and have just been awarded Best Online Hair Extension Course Provider 2021

But can online learning really match attending one of the many 1 day face to face courses you have seen? We’ll let another recent student answer this…

“I have been to 1 day hair courses before and always found them to be a waste of money as when I’ve gone home to practice I’ve got unanswered questions and been stuck. I tried this online course with the hope that it wouldn’t be a massive struggle for me and that I wouldn’t waste my money… but WOW! Best course I’ve ever done! Could easily ask questions through the WhatsApp and got replies within minutes, could send pictures of my work to check it was okay before sending off and the videos were the perfect amount of time that you don’t get bored watching them. They send you a copy of your certificate through the post, provide you with a good website to buy the hair and where to get insurance! Really enjoyed this course and completed it within a few days. Can’t wait to start practising on people now! Don’t hesitate and go for it because you won’t be disappointedLucy Gainey