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The ultimate Glamoween Hair hacks by ghd

October 31, 2019

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Devil Horns

1 Create two ponytails on top of your head from the front hairline to the top of the head (use a large elastic which will help form the shape).

2 Curl all the hair that’s left down your hair using ghd platinum+ (£189) in a push down curl, always curling away.

3 Curl the ponytails in one ribbon curl away from the parting (this will help you wrap the hair).

4 Wrap the pony around the elastic, keeping the last 2 wraps low.

5 Using ghd final fix hairspray (£10.95), mould the bun into shape.

6 Repeat on the opposite side.

7 Dress through the hair that’s down with a ghd detangling comb (£7.50).

The ultimate Glamoween Hair hacks by ghd 1

Alien Hair

1 Starting in the centre front hair line, take a triangle section to the crown.

2 Take two smaller triangle sections on each side of the first, leaving a little hair out around the face.

3 Comb all the hair back using a little ghd curl hold spray (£12.95).

4 Starting at the front of the section, roll the hair along the scalp.

5 Move your fingers down the section to lengthen the twist. Stop at the crown level.

6 Continue in all the pre done sections.

7 Pinch and pull the top section add height.

8 With all the hair that is down, using ghd gold styler (£139), feed your hair though your straightener, moving from side to side when feeding the hair in to create a flat wave.

9 Continue over all your hair.

10 Using your fingers, massage the scalp to soften the texture.

The ultimate Glamoween Hair hacks by ghd 2

Angel Glitter Hair

Curl all your hair using ghd soft curl tong (£120), placing it vertically in your hair.

2 Wrap your hair around the barrel 2 to 3 times (depending on length).

3 Keeping a tight hold on the ends, glide the ghd soft curl tong (£120) up and down the section, slowly four times and release.

4 Continue to curl all the hair this way, alternating the direction from section to section then dress with the ghd detangling comb (£7.50).

5 Make a pony from the top of the ear to the crown.

6 Divide the pony into two sections, A and B and place a section clip section B.

7 Subdivide section A into 2 and wrap under section B and secure with an elastic.

8 Take the section clip out of section B, subdivide into 2, wrap under section A and secure with an elastic.

9 Continue till you reach the end of the hair and pinch and pull the sections to wide.

10 Spritz the pony with glitter spray on alternate pulls.

The ultimate Glamoween Hair hacks by ghd 3