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The Texture your clients need this Season

July 07, 2022

Summer 22 is upon us and it’s no surprise that clients are open to experimental looks, much more creative and statement like than ever before, having missed out on the summer sun following the global pandemic.

With clients jetting off to the sunshine, our attention now turns to the trends that will be taking the industry and the beaches by storm, advising clients on how to wear their hair, the products to use ad how to care for it in between times.

For summer 2022, the seasonal trend is focused very much on texture, making the hair much more voluminous and creative to touch. The addition of texture to any style adds a completely different dimension and can take a look from subtle to statement in just a few steps.  Using the correct products will enhance the look and maintain the texture and volume for the duration required.

 Andrew’s Season Texture Trends


Although a favourite in the colder months, the bouncy blowdry is back for summer 22, with clients opting for a much more voluminous and statement look. Adding a more natural feel to the style, I would recommend being a little more free with the style through the mid length, loosely drying off curls, allowing them to finish drying more naturally. When creating the curls, using a large barrel brush and heat directed to the roots will give the hair added lift and volume throughout.

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Everyone loves the natural look, when it’s not created so naturally! This look is very much inspired by the beach vibes, with clients opting for a look that appears to resemble one that dries naturally. When creating this look, it’s important to follow the movement of the hair and allow it to somewhat follow it’s own pattern. Using a styling spray will allow you to lightly support the hair whilst adding to the condition of the hair, and giving a much more natural feel,

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Braids are a huge trend in summer and that will never change, they can work for both day and night styles and there are so many different ways in which they can be worn. The infinity braid will be one that will be hugely popular this summer, with added lace or ribbons throughout to give the look a touch of uniqueness. Teamed with a ponytail or low chignon, this is a look that will turn heads.

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  The Seasonal Texture your clients need this Summer