The resurgence of the Bowl Cut

April 01, 2022

“The bowl cut is a style like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it,” says Simon Hill, Owner of SESH Hairdressing, and while we’re inclined to agree, we had to get our industry friends’ point of view on the resurgence of the Bowl Cut.

“This iconic hair cut was made famous by actress Joanna Lumley in her role in the New Avengers, it was the hair cut to wear in that decade,” says Andrew Barton. “When I think of bowl cuts I think of the short haircut that Linda Evangelista wore in her hey day – that was a fabulous hair cut!” adds Louise Howard-Long of Architect Hair.

“I’ve always been a massive fan of this beautiful timeless shape, I always get so inspired when I see fashion houses are rocking the bowl cut on the runway!” says Barry Maddocks, Creative Director of Haringtons.

Is it really a timeless trend?

“Today’s bowl cuts are very different to the ones from the 60s and the 80s. We’ve seen edgier versions on the catwalks and worn by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna,” says
Cos Sakkas, International Artistic Director for TONI&GUY.

Melissa Timperley suggests, “The bowl cut is back but with a modern twist. It has more of a feminine finish with textured ends for a softer overall look.”

“Now, clients are seeing this as a chic style instead of something we only wished for when we were younger. I also love the look paired with a slightly textured fringe to give it a more contemporary finish and to provide the style with softness,” says Joana Neves, Editorial Director for Alterna Europe.

Cos Sakkas’ top tips for creating a bowl cut –

1 Don’t be afraid to play with fringe length to change the feel of the finished look. You can take it as extreme or as safe as you want.

2 For a 2022 feel texturise the fringe for a more modern feel.

3 Colour will really bring a bowl cut to life – play with panelling and placement and contradictory shades.

What do you see this cut looking like in 2022?

“At Architect we’ve started to get a lot more requests for this cut in the salon recently, a few younger clients wanting the “pure” version, that for the less brave or less gorgeous can be harder to wear, but a softened version is stunning, suits everyone, massively easy to look after and flattering as hell, especially for those who like to emphasise their eyes,” says Louise Howard-Long.

“The great thing about this cut is that it’s extremely versatile and it can be tailored to suit everyone, no matter what their face shape. It can be worn a little longer or shorter to compliment the face and allow facial features to really pop. For those with more prominent jaw lines, they may want to wear this style softer and with more texture through choppiness and layers. This will also give the look more modern, ‘cool girl’ finish.

To bring the look into 2022 it’s also a great idea for clients to consider teaming the style with colour – whether it be a bold bright, subtle pastel or even just by adding flashes or panels of colour through the hair to give it even more of an eye-catching finish,” says Dylan Brittain, Schwarzkopf UK Ambassador and International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International.

Any extra advice?

“Those with round face shapes may want to steer clear of this shape, as it will accentuate the roundness of their face. However, if they do want to opt for this trend, they should request the style to have less weight in it, to give the look a lighter and softer appearance, or add in some texture through layers. It’s also a good idea to leave to airy dry and style with products like texturising sprays and sea salt sprays to give the style more of a natural, effortless look. Another great thing about this look is that it doesn’t require too much maintenance if the client is open to being experimental with their look. For example, as the style grows out, the client can experiment with other on trend styles like the shag,” says Karen Thomson, Owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa.

Simon Hill adds, “It isn’t a style restricted solely for females, it can easily be filtered into male trends and style too. For 2022, expect to see the bowl cut in a new form. With asymmetric shapes and the addition of some texture to bring a contemporary element to this classic cut. With men’s hair in 2022 we are expecting to see lots of sharp lines and blunt edges when it comes to popular cuts. This style shows the traditional bowl cut through the back of the hair with longer, tapered pieces towards the face. The perfect addition to bring this classic cut into a new year.”