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The perfect hair for summer holidays

August 11, 2022

Whether your idea of a great holiday is two weeks sunbathing on a beach, skiing with friends or taking in the sights in a foreign city, your hair will need looking after during your vacation. Here, three top hairdressers offer advice on how to care for hair in different holiday scenarios for you to pass on to your clients.

Beach Holiday

While basking in the heat sounds idyllic, your hair can take the brunt of the sun’s aggressive effects — and then there’s the seawater and sand to contend with. Robert Kirby offers these beach holiday hair hacks.

1 Use a leave-in conditioner or conditioning hair mask before you head to the beach to ensure hair is fully hydrated.

2 Avoid shampoos that contain high levels of sulphates. These will just dry out the hair which is the last thing you want when the sun and heat are already taking their toll on your locks.

3 Use a clarifying shampoo at the end of a day on the beach to wash out all the salt and sand. That way you’re starting with a clean canvas the following morning.

4 Keep a mist spray with UV filter handy throughout the day. A quick spritz every few hours will help protect your hair from those potentially harmful UV rays. Think of it as sunscreen for the hair — you wouldn’t expose your skin to the sun without protecting it.

City Break

It’s easy to forget about your hair health while you’re being dazzled by the wonders of a new city, but several factors could take their toll on your locks as you stroll the city streets. Sharon Malcolm of Sharon Malcolm Hairdressing offers her expert advice.

1 However beautiful a city, there’s going to be pollution and, while you spend longer than usual outside exploring the sights, your hair will be more exposed than usual to certain aggressors including dust, smoke and exhaust fumes.

2 While you’re away, wash your hair at the end of every day to rid it of any pollutants it will have picked up during your holiday adventures. Opt for a mild shampoo that is free of sulphates.

3 Apply a little oil or cream that contains SPF, such as Schwarzopf Professional’s Summer range, to your hair each morning to create a layer of protection, while also giving the hair a natural-looking shine. 

4 Wear a hat and braid your longer layers for the ultimate easy styling with added protection. 


Whether it’s days by the seaside or relaxing in the garden, a staycation is the perfect time to give your hair a break. Marcello Moccia, owner of Room 97 Creative in Leeds and Wakefield, offers these tips for easy styling

1 Let your hair breathe and ditch the heated tools. Scrunch through a serum and apply a texture spray such as TECNI.ART Pli from L’Oreal Professionnel and let your hair dry naturally. 

2 Keep the styles simple and effortless. Think undone braids, loose waves or relaxed ponytails.

3 Embrace your natural texture and fall in love with natural waves.  

4 Use a staycation the perfect opportunity to give your hair a detox and trat it with hydrating masks and oils to get it back into tip-top condition.