The new emerging colour trends from post-lockdown!

July 07, 2020

With colour services in high demand from clients who have inches of roots, or have attempted a box dye during lockdown, colourist’s skills are going to be tested once clients return to the salon.

“Most clients have respected their hair and haven’t coloured it for almost four months,” explains Advanced Pro Salon technical director, Paul Chandler. “Colourists are going to be faced with a lot of large roots and natural highlights – greys! So, it’s a great opportunity to start again and offer something new. Hair can be a new canvas to work on and offer them something fresh and exciting.”

Paul believes there will be two major trends emerge from lockdown – root stretch and solid colour. “For those who have used a box colour, they will have applied it all over and may now quite like the all-over finish. Then there are those who have grown out their roots and like the low maintenance, so a root blend will be perfect for them.”

Solid colours

All-over colour is all about the shine and condition of the hair – whether it’s a bold red or vibrant brunette, condition is everything. Consultation is key for all-over colour to take into account lifestyle, texture and shape.

The one-dimensional colour can be as dramatic or as subtle as you and your client requires. It’s higher maintenance – roots will need regular retouching – but hair will be left looking luscious and thicker. Regular deep-conditioning treatments are this colour’s BFF to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

ColourCode from Advanced Pro Salon is infused with exclusive ProPlex technology, which nourishes the hair from the inside, leaving it silky smooth and shiny.

Root stretch

Roots have always been considered a blonde’s worst nightmare, but can actually look modern and is the ultimate low maintenance style. In fact, dark roots can rock! Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian and Charlize Theron have been poster girls for roots, and it can be a lazy girls’ best kept secret.

It’s a great way of making a statement without compromising the condition of the hair. A root stretch with baby lights and freehand balayage around the face keeps the colour light and natural. It’s cool, it’s low maintenance and easy to look after.