Product Spotlights

The NEW Compact Dryer XS | HH Simonsen

March 17, 2022

To a hairdresser size can definitely matter and with traditional hairdryers usually being heavier, you can begin to feel it after a day of carrying it in your dominant hand, so HH Simonsen ergonomically designed the Compact Dryer XS with functionality and comfort in mind.

♥︎  You’ll love the weight of it at only 430 grams
– that’s less than a half bag of sugar.

♥︎ But don’t let the weight deter you, the XS Dryer still carries a powerful 2000 watt motor.

♥︎ This small but strong and efficient hairdryer proves that size can matter.

♥︎ With aerodynamic wings and ionic technology for strong airflow, it achieves a frizz-free result in a faster time.

The Compact XS is exclusively distributed in the UK by Passion4hair – Find out more here.