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The latest Must-Have looks for this Summer season with INDOLA’s new Street Style Collection

August 03, 2021

Discover INDOLA’s latest Street Style Collection with two brand NEW must-have looks for this Summer season…

With the long days of summer bringing more light into our lives the latest Street Style Collection from Indola highlights this perfectly. The latest summer looks – The Tousled Bronde and The Lived in Platinum are both inspired by Kitsch decor and contemporary icons like Lily Collins and Cajsa Wessberg. Although both looks are essentially classical there is a touch of rebellion in the (h)air with feminine shapes being revamped and the hair colour bringing a balance that is naturally chic. With a smudging colour technique and little bit of finesse, we put a twist on these classic looks to create perfect “fun-in-the-sun” styles. 

The new Street Style Summer looks were expertly created by Global Ambassadors Paddy McDougall and Andy Smith using the NEW Blonde Expert range. Continuing to provide unrivalled performance with a concise product assortment – at an affordable price – the re-formulated Blonde Expert range meets every demand, helping every hairdresser be a true blonde expert. 

Global Ambassador Paddy McDougall gives his insight on the new Street Style looks – 

The new Street Style Collection is inspired by iconic hairstyles, both past and present day. ‘The Lived in Platinum’ is the Classic Bob which is updated using this season’s must-have blockbuster technique, ‘Smudging’ which gives the hair a more lived in feel. The second look, ‘The Tousled Bronde’ is Indola’s take on, what is one of today’s iconic hairstyles, with a lived in highlighted and ‘smudging’ effect combining to emphasis the look’s texture.

The Tousled Bronde – 

Must-Have looks for this Summer season

Inspired by the classic French Brown the Tousled Bronde is the perfect combination of blonde and brunette with natural looking hazelnut soft warm tones and a cut that has a slight 70’s vibe about it. The look uses lighter tones and lots of layers, complemented with a statement fringe to bring warmth and depth to a classic look. The inspirational chic colour palette calls for styling that is wavy and airy. The fashion is delicate organza with coloured lace tights combined with chunky-soled sandals.

The Lived in Platinum –

Must-Have looks for this Summer season 1

Using the on-trend platinum blonde and incorporating the smudging technique the Lived in Platinum Street Style look is the ultimate blonde colour clients will be asking for this season. The hair colour makes a big statement and was perfectly created using Indola’s brand-new Blonde Expert Lightener and Ultra Cool Booster, giving it a polished look with a casual feel making it perfect for the warmer months ahead!

The cut is kept sleek and without layers to bring out the clean platinum shine. For the texture, everything is kept super straight to give the light a chance to fully bounce off the hair and the heaviness of the one-length cut really plays up the platinum purity. 

The key line, Blonde Expert has an amazing, well-balanced assortment that offers both high performance and scope for creativity while making it easy to maintain the integrity of the fabric of the hair. The philosophy at Indola is #SimplySmarter; consistently seeking to create innovations which offer the freelance community access to smart technologies which make your and your clients’ lives easier, and help put great hair every day, in reach for everyone. 

The latest INDOLA Street Style Collection is available from July 2021.

Further information on step by step guides and products used is available at www.indola.co.uk and www.instagram.com/indolauk