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The IHA launches Covid-19 support campaign

April 20, 2020

OSMO Ambassadors Heffy Wheeler, Jeseca McMahon, Adele Clarke, Becky Sutherland, Myles Lewis and Tom Baxter have joined together to create social media campaign group -the International Hair Alliance (IHA) to support fellow hairdressers and barbers during the COVID-19 lock down.

The salon owners, who are all social media experts in their own right, decided to develop the IHA following the negative comments being posted soon after the government ordered the closure of salons and barbershops, “we all noticed how the vibe of the hair and barbering community on social media was suddenly all very negative or attacking fellow experts about how they were all individually responding to the crisis.  As a group we wanted to switch that over and only focus on the strengths and positivity of the hair industry so we decided to launch the Facebook Private Group and get a positive social media campaign started,” explains Myles Lewis.

In less that two weeks, the Facebook group has grown to almost 500 followers from across the country, hundreds of hashtags on Instagram and thousands of TikTok interactions.  The team are proactively communicating within the group and launched two social media campaigns: #backyourbarberand #supportyourstylist, focusing on encouraging the general public to avoid at-home hairdressing and barbering.

The team are producing TikTok videos and inviting fellow hair experts to produce their own videos in a nominations chain across Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, “the consumer media is giving advice about how you can colour your hair at home or you’re seeing guys just grabbing the clippers and shaving their hair right off –we want our customers to know that it’s okay to leave your hair and just wait for us all to get back behind the chair. There are also alternatives to helping clients with colour fade and re-growth that don’t involve reaching for the box dyes.I’ve been creating colour care packages for use at home where I mix their usual vibrant colours with conditioner and post to them, you can suggest they use a colour enhance shampoo and conditioner too, or opt for a root touch up product. Our viral videos and challenges are a way of getting the message out to public and fellow hair experts, so that the campaign gathers momentum.  Let’s all get involved and get these hashtags trending,” says Heffy Wheeler.

The IHA is a group that not only focuses on the current COVID-19 campaigns but wants to be a safe space for hair experts to discuss key issues from mental health, business support, and sharing educational advice but always in a positive and supportive voice. 

“This is a great initiative from our ambassadors and we’re fully behind supporting the campaigns across our social platforms and hope that everyone within the professional hair industry will use the hashtags to support the industry as a whole –we all need to be in this together and support our fellow hair experts and stay positive,” concludes Sinead McLaughlin, OSMO Brand Manager.

To join the community, visit:

Facebook:International Hair Alliance


Hashtag: #backyourbarber#supportyourstylist

The IHA launches Covid-19 support campaign