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The Boys of Summer | Luke Benson

August 10, 2023

With grooming clients that include Tom Grennan, Roman Kemp, George Ezra, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Joe Jonas and more, Session Stylist Luke Benson talks us through his favourites men’s trends right now, and offers advice on creating longer locks with natural texture this season…

The Boys of summer | Luke Benson

At the moment, we’re moving away from fades and super-short cuts and seeing a lot more grown-out styles on men. Take a look at Paul Mezcal’s shape for inspiration; he’s got a modern mullet with length at the back and sides, but also some tapering at the side burns. For Tom Grennan’s new album launch I’ve done something similar which works with his texture – I’ve taken the taper in right at the front but used his natural movement everywhere else. With a low fade to embrace his curls, I added some scattered lights to enhance his natural texture.

The Boys of summer | Luke Benson 1

For a recent shoot with Patrick Gibson, I gave him a soft haircut to complement his own natural texture. I also kept the length at the back and sides to retain a clean, tailored finish – I am very pleased with the result.

The Boys of summer | Luke Benson 3

Right now, I’m keeping Roman Kemp’s hair a bit longer than we usually go for – I find this is great for TV as it appeals to everybody. Technically, you’re cutting it through the fingers, mainly using a square layering technique, or a soft scissor over comb using a wide toothed comb, this will add a lot of texture. You can also point cut to reduce the weight even further.

It’s important to take hair growth patterns into account, thinning or thickening areas where you want to reduce the weight, and keeping the edges sharp and cleaning up neck hair if you want to grow it out.

The Boys of summer | Luke Benson 5

My product tips for styling this look include applying Keune Curl Cream to damp hair, or using Keune Style Soft Mousse and Style Salt Mousse layered together for a stronger hold. I also like a texturising spray or spray wax to provide the hold without being too claggy – if you want the hair to still be able to move, just apply the product to damp hair followed by a very light mist of soft hairspray when it’s dry.

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