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The Biggest Bridal Trends of 2023 | Vicki Lord

May 04, 2023

Endless Options…

It’s great to see that bridal headpieces are evolving to include more modern, metallic styles. Whilst some may associate headpieces with a more traditional or formal look, there are an increasing number of brands that now offer contemporary options for brides too.

These pieces can be a beautiful way to add some extra sparkle or texture to any wedding day hairstyle, no matter the length. It’s important to find a headpiece that complements your client’s personal style and wedding dress, so don’t be afraid to trial a few different options and experiment with different placements.

With so many beautiful and unique options available, be sure to find a headpiece & hairstyle that adds the perfect finishing touch!

The Biggest Bridal Trends of 2023 | Vicki Lord 3

Bows are Back!

Recently, there has been a huge resurgence in the bridal bow. Beaded, metal, silk, velvet, sparkly – the choices are endless! In fact, I even recommend my clients keep the fabric remnants of any dress adjustments they have – this easy solution creates a bow to exactly match the style of dress.

With my bridal model below, I fabricated a ginormous bow out of a sparkly, silver material. As you can see, this was a beautiful, trendy way to enhance her disco curls and create a statement look.

The Biggest Bridal Trends of 2023 | Vicki Lord 4

One in a Million…

In recent years, bridal trends have included a focus on individuality and personal expression, with many brides choosing unique and unconventional dresses that reflect their personal styles. Popular trends have included minimalist designs, vintage-inspired gowns, bohemian looks and ethereal styles.

In terms of hairstyling, veils and hair accessories have been kept more classic, but with additional, modern twists such as unique shapes or embellishments. Hair accessories have become an increasingly popular trend, with brides choosing everything from floral crowns and braids to statement headbands and waves.

Puff, Puff and Away!

It sounds like the puff-sleeve trend is making a comeback in the bridal fashion world! These voluminous sleeves can add a touch of drama and romance to any wedding dress, and it’s great to see designers incorporating them in different fabrics and styles. If your client is considering this trend, don’t be afraid to trial a range of different hair options to suit the dress.

I’d personally recommend an up-do to create space around the shoulder area – this would help to elongate the neckline whilst still focusing on the puff sleeves. A great way to achieve this look – and also create a bit more of an edge – is through a curly Mohawk. As you can see below, I recently dressed this style with a forehead band to complete the look.

The Biggest Bridal Trends of 2023 | Vicki Lord 5

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